Happy Summer Days

Happy Summer Days to All.

First: I’d like to share some good news. One of our members Walter Stapleton took the draw tractor to his campground on the weekend. He sold five books of our Tractor Draw tickets. Way to go Walter. Walter has always been our salesman for our 50/50 tickets at our shows and even though his mobility is limited he always signs up to help where he can. Members like him make this club a great club to be a part of. Thank You, Walter.

Second: Our next membership meeting is August the 8th. Yes, write that down and put it on your calendar. The meeting will be at the AMC. The program will be lots of talk about the upcoming show and Earl, has some videos and websites to share with you.

Third: The show is coming on us like gangbusters. You’ve already got it in your calendar August 12th and 13th. Just a reminder cause some of you are a little forgetful. Oh, maybe it’s just me, Earl always reminding me to do things.

Our show cannot operate without our sponsors and folks that donate things for prizes. Attached is a letter that you could give to a friend, a relative, your favorite supplier, and ask for a contribution for the club. Don’t be shy to ask because nobody is going to give you anything if you don’t ask. Again, this is a quote from Earl.   Hey, you have just formally been asked maybe you can sponsor/donate, please.

Fourth:  So, you’re going to the show, and you’ve worked hard on your project to restore it to the original beauty it was. But if I bring it, can it go into any of the judging categories? Yes, it sure can. Here is a list of the categories that we judge things on. And look there’s categories for best original, best restored and for halfway between totally fixed up and only started. This is also an attachment if you want to print it off.

Categories for Judging Entres
CategoryDetermining Factors in Judging
Restored TractorPaint
Like new conditions
Original TractorWorking Tractor
Original Paint
Original Tires
No Modifications
Restored Farm MachineryNON Tractor
Towed Equipment
Self Propelled
Restored Garden TractorPaint
Like new conditions
Odd Ball/UniqueNON Tractor
Engine / others / DisplayNice display or collection
Quality of display
Quantity od display
“other” means it could be Non Powered
Antique Car / Truck / BikePre 1980
Can be restored or Original
Judges FavoriteShow Stopper
Out Standing item
“Best” of Show
Can be any registered item at show
Could be an item that may or may not be register in other category’s
Note item can only take 1st prize in one category
Half BakedA Tractor that is being restored
Not finished yet but on it’s way to being restored
not a trophies category just for recognition

OK, more information to come when I get out of the beach bar and into the office again.

Have a Great Summer, it is going like gang busters.  REALLY FAST

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