In 1995, six tractor enthusiasts felt there was a need to preserve agricultural heritage in this area. The growth of local cities and towns is noticeably evident here, as more and more farmland is lost to Urban Development. Second and third generation of farmers are retiring and their children are working at jobs other than agriculture.

Those who remain in the business of farming must use the most modern practices and equipment to survive. As a result, old techniques are becoming extinct and equipment obsolete and in danger of being lost forever. Old equipment is often scrapped, sold at auctions or occasionally kept for sentimental reasons in the backyard to rot over time until it is beyond the possibility of restoration. The low exchange value of our dollar greatly accelerated sales to the United States and it is a common sight to see a highway tractor pulling a load of antique tractors and equipment destined for dealers and collectors south of the border.

Although we know that we cannot stop this process, we feel that there is a need to provide and alternative solution whereby some of this machinery can be restored and preserved as part of our agricultural heritage in a future museum in Port Hope.

The club was formed in the fall of 1995 and much thought was given to its name to reflect our mission and objectives.

HOPE – Our founding members are all from Hope Township. All our meetings, fund raising events, our annual show and township support are here.

AGRICULATURAL – The focus of our club is agricultural machinery and equipment; its restoration and preservation. The club, however, appreciates to have received such antique items as lawn mower, chainsaws and tools.

HERITAGE – This is what we want to preserve. Old farming techniques, machinery and the skills to operate and maintain them properly, will be lost if not properly recorded.