2023 Tractor Drive

The 3rd Annual Hope Agricultural Heritage Tractor Cruise

Took place on Saturday July 8. 

We were blessed with a beautiful summer day without the extreme heat and humidity of just a few days earlier.  There was a total of 13 participants.  While many were seasoned cruisers, we were happy to have several first timers eager to explore Northumberland county at a more relaxing, casual pace.

Departing from Szalawiga Road, we ventured east on the 4th line to Knoxville Road, continuing north and eventually meeting the 9th Line.

We were also happy to make a slight detour to drive by one of our participant’s house where his young son and wife were in the front yard to smile and wave as we drove by.  After that, we eventually reached the highlight of our drive:  rumbling through downtown Bewdley for no particular reason.  Being a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon, there was not enough parking spots available for 13 tractors unfortunately.  However, our presence did capture the attention of pretty much everyone within eye sight.  It did not matter if they were busy preparing their boats for the water or enjoying a cold beverage on Rhino’s patio, everyone stopped what they were doing to smile, wave, take pictures and give a thumbs up as we continued through town. 

People absolutely love seeing other old tractors in action.  Every year we seem to encounter different forms of appreciation and this year was no exception.  New for this year:  drivers blocking crossroads with their vehicles, stopping traffic so we could pass through without waiting for traffic to clear.  Oddly enough, this was not a one time thing.  It actually happened THREE times through our journey!  If you are one of those people who did this for us, we thank you graciously!  One boom truck from R. Brooking Tree Service on County Road 9 helped stop traffic so we could safely cross.  I am not here to promote one’s business, but they definitely scored some points with me!

Eventually, we worked our way south through Port Hope and concluded our trip at the lakeside house of Barry Adamson (perhaps you have heard of him).  We would like to express our thanks to him and his family (also support from John Bickle) for helping stuff our bellies with delicious BBQ’d meat and cold beverages.

 A great way to end off a peaceful cruise through the local countryside.  It was a good opportunity to review things we had seen in the last 4+ hours and get feedback from the new drivers who joined us.  The most frequent comment mentioned was that you notice a lot more things going down the road on a tractor, rather than flying by at 80 kilometers per hour.  They also like how we avoid the high traffic roads where possible – it makes the ride that much more enjoyable.  Will they join us for another one next year?  Absolutely!  Some said they would bring a friend or family member as well.  That’s what we like to hear!

Your tractor does not need to be a restored museum piece to ride with us.  As long as it starts, runs and stops, that’s all that matters!  Even if it is fresh out of the field or barn yard, come on out!

This year’s cruise by the numbers …

Distance travelled:  30 miles

Average speed:  10.7 miles per hour

Temperature:  75 degrees Fahrenheit

Tractor brands:  4 Allis Chalmers, 3 John Deere, 3 Oliver, 1 Cockshutt, 1 Ford, 1 Case

We have already started planning next year’s route.  Where will it take us?  Join us to find out!

Many thanks to everyone who came out to ride with us.  Thanks again to Barry and his family for their hospitality.

 Thanks to Doug Millson as well for shooting a video as we drove by.

Click to Download the video of the cruise.

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