2023 HAHCLUB Lawn Mower Pull Rules

Lawn Mower Pull Official Rules


Helmets are mandatory in all Lawn Mower classes

It is the participant’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the rules, all rules outlined here in, are non-negotiable. Anyone found to be in breech of any of the following rules by the event organizers, track officials or sled crew will automatically be disqualified from the pull and asked to leave the event area immediately. 

General and Safety Rules for all Lawn Mower Classes

All lawn mowers must pass a safety and Tech inspection before they will be allowed to compete

  1. All drivers must sign the registration form, there by agreeing that they are competing in the pull AT THEIR OWN RISK. The pull organizers, tech inspector(s) and or the party/parties hosting the pull will not be held liable for any injury, death or mechanical failure of the competitor’s machine caused as a result of competing in the pull event.                                 
  2. NO alcohol or use of narcotics will be tolerated.                                                            
  3. All entry fees are non-refundable.                                                                                  
  4. Registration and tech inspection will close 15 minutes before the pull is scheduled to start. Special consideration MAY be given to drivers who must travel a distance to the pull and can not make it to registration on time due to travel difficulties (i.e. vehicle break downs).                                                                                                                       
  5. All drivers must be present at the drivers meeting to be allowed to pull .                      
  6. No drivers under the age of 16 without adult accompaniment and supervision.                   
  7. All lawn mowers must have operating brakes.                                                   
  8. All lawn mowers must have rear fenders.          
  9. All drivers must wear a helmet.                                                                                    
  10. Driver must be in control of his / her machine always.                                                  
  11. All drivers must be with their machine when it’s time for their class to pull or their machine will be removed from the line-up and they will be disqualified from the pull.     
  12. Weights must be adequately fastened to the lawn mowers (the definition of what is adequate will be left up to the discretion of the safety/tech inspector) any weights falling off the machine while pulling will result in a disqualification.                                 
  13. All classes are being run by weight (not Horse Power) lawn mowers weight is to include the driver and his/her appropriate safety equipment (i.e. helmet)                              
  14. No tire chains or studs in tires.                                                                                       
  15. Driver must remain in the seat always and have one hand on the steering wheel/bars at all times.                                                                                                                     
  16. No hot rodding on or off the track or in the pit area.                                                    
  17. If any part of the lawn mowers goes out of bounds or crosses the out of bounds line or if the puller is red flagged for any reason he / she will immediately stop the pull at that point.                                                                                                                 
  18. Only one puller and members of the sled team/track officials on the track at any one time.                                                                                                                              
  19. No passengers on any lawn mowers on or off the track. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate disqualification from the event.                                           
  20. If any puller or spectator causes problems at a pull, they will be asked to leave, and not be allowed to return.                                                                                     
  21. Track officials and the sled crew have the right to stop and disqualify any lawn mowers that is not being operated in a safe manner on or off the track.  
  22. Track to be 200 feet in length. (track length may be shorter if site conditions do not allow for a full 200’ track)                                                                                       
  23. When it is your turn to pull the puller will proceed onto the track and once positioned in front of the sled he/she will place his/her machine in neutral with both hands visible and off all controls BEFORE the sled team will proceed to hook you to the sled.                    
  24. Under age drivers may compete with a responsible adult walking beside the lawn mower and taking all responsibility for the control of the lawn mower.  The officials may at anytime stop the pull and ban the driver if they feel the driver is not in control, unsafe. If the officials feel the machine is to powerful for the ability/size of the driver, they are not allowed to pull. The officials ruling are final.
  25. Last but not least this is intended to be a fun and enjoyable event and no poor sportsmanship will be tolerated.  The club just want to let people have fun in a safe environment.

Stock Garden Lawn Mowers Class Rules

Class weights

Class One     Under 700 lb

Class Two     Between 701 to 900 lb

Class Three  901 to 1100 lb      

Any machines over 1100 lb are not allowed to be used. Our sled too small for heavy machines.

  1. All general and Safety rules for lawn mowers apply.                                                      
  2. First puller is test puller – may choose to take pull or re-pull in last place. Notify flagman if you accept or reject BEFORE unhooking the chain.                                          
  3. RPM’s not to exceed 3800.                                                                                            
  4. Governor must be hooked up and operational.                                                              
  5. Hitch must be in stock location of original manufacturing
  6. Must pass safety / tech inspection.                                                                               
  7. Engine and drive train must be original as equipped from the factory with all stock shields in place.                                                                                                     
  8. No duals, lug and/or chains on tires.                                                                               
  9. Each person may only be entered once in each class, with the winner of each class having the option to pull again in the next higher class for an additional entry fee up to a maximum 2 classes per person.                                                                                    
  10. No cut tires.
  11. All lawn mowers must have operating brakes.         
  12. Any lawn mowers with a fuel leak will not pass inspection.

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