27th Annual Antique Machinery Show/ 2nd Vintage Snowmobile Show & Swap

27th Annual Antique Machinery Show/Vintage Snowmobile Show & Swap

The Hope Agriculture Heritage Club is having its

27th Annual Antique Machinery Show  and for the second time the

Vintage Snowmobile Show & Swap


August 11th and 12th between 10:00 am –3:00 pm.

Taking place on the outskirts of Port Hope on the north side of Dale Road, One kilometer east from Hwy 28

or 7085 Dale Rd, Port hope. The field is great for public viewing as well as a day out!

Admission is just at $5 with 12 and under free.

This year’s addition of

2nd Annual Wheat Field Rendezvous Vintage Snowmobile Show & Swap Meet will add many more things to touch and see.  Sorry we will not having snow to operate these old timers, but I am sure they will start and purr just like they did 50 years ago.


So come out with the family and enjoy tractor pulls, lawnmower pulls, games, lunch, and much more!

Of the show, one of the executive who has been with the show many years, Barry “The Bare”, has said that “This show offers something for all ages; nostalgia weekend for seniors, learning experience for those under 80 and a walk down memory lane for all. Kids can see and do and touch and experience the past.”


Exhibitors Welcome! Call Dan Lovshin at (905) 377-1348

Flea market both days! All vendors wanted and only $10 for a large space!   Call Jack Malfait (905)-372-6308

Tentative Schedule to be


7:00      Gates Open

8:00        Registration/Breakfast

10:00       Lawn Mower/Garden Tractor Pulls  (Pull area)

10:30 to 3:00   Continuous Tractor wagon rides of area / Wagon rides to Plowing Demo

11: 00 to 2:00           Judging: Tractors & Machinery

Best Restored Tractor, Best Original Tractor, Best Odd Ball/Unique Machinery, Best Restored Garden Tractor/Lawn Mower, Judges Favorite, Best Antique Cars/Trucks/Bike, Best Engines/Other, Best Restored Farm Equipment [Non-Tractor]

NOTE: Snowmobiles etc will be judged over the weekend as they do not go very far in wheat.

Trophy classes for sleds in the 2018 Wheat Field Rendezvous:

1) Favourite Restored Sled
2) Favourite Survior (unrestored)
3) Favourite Race Sled
4) Favourite Mini-Sled
5) Favourite Farm Sled
6) Favourite Rat Sled


11:30     Shingle Mill Demonstration

1:00      Grain Binding Demo

2:30     Shingle Mill Demonstration

3:30      Parade


9:00       Gates Open

10:00      Arena Games

10:00       Continuous Tractor wagon rides of area to Plowing Demo

11:00      Grain Binding Demo

11:00      Lawn Mower Pulls Registration

11:30      Plowing Demo (Wagon ride to field)

12:00       Shingle Mill Demonstration

12:30      Parade

1:00     Grain Binding Demo

1:00      Lawn Mower/Garden Tractor FUN Pulls

1:30      Shingle Mill Demonstration

1:30     Arena Games

2:00     Dyno meter…Test your horse power.  Contact Office

2:00     SNOWMOBILES etc trophy presentation

3:00    Tractor/ Machinery Trophy Presentation/ $150 draw awarded.

Hope to see you there