May 2020 Update

Hi HAH CLUB FOLKS                                                   May 13, 2020

We hope you are surviving this stay at home experience. We hope some of you have had lots of time and are creating new treasures to share with us in the future.

It will have to be the future because the Town has closed all events until after August. This means NO Antique Machinery Show.  If you remember, I have said in the past, everything is cancelled until we can announce we are open.  The boss wanted me to make sure you all knew NO Antique show, this year.  Yes, we are extremely disappointed, but it means another weekend to work on all those projects in the barn that need restoring. Just think, next year we will have so many new items that we will have to start a new category. Maybe Best Restored in the Lockdown. Ok just me thinking.

In my last note.  I told you about the tractor parade to say thank you to the frontline workers.  Well it happened and it was very well done. Only enclosed tractors were asked for, so most of our old antiques open tractors stayed in the sheds. But the club was very well represented. My guess is we have over a dozen members there is some way. Me, I watched and cheered and clapped for the parade, and my kids even took my old CASE on a trailer behind an enclosed pickup truck.  Not to be colour conscious, but there are a lot of big green tractors in the parade. A lot. Of course, President Earl understands why. 

Here is a good news story. While you are all abiding by the ‘stay at home’ order, Earl is still busy shipping new items for the club. Social distancing of course.  This is Earls words on our new gem.

“1961 International Farmall model 140. Donated to the Antique Machinery Centre by Maurice Simpson of Port Hope. Excellent running and looking tractor, Maurice spent several years cleaning and painting, this tractor. Thank You for your thoughtful donation of this beautiful tractor to the AMC for future generations to see and enjoy. “Well done Earl.  Oh yea, where are we going to put it? No space!!

On that note, most of you know I made a presentation to the municipality on the creation of CANTON HERITAGE PARK, basically asking for use of more space around the AMC and the existing building on the property. Also, for the club to display some of our Antiques at the Canton HUB.  This is, an exceedingly long and complicated story, so I will not go into the details to bore you. But first: the Council (all members) are very supportive of what we do and stand for. In fact, we will be receiving a community grant of $5000.  This is to help with projects around the Antique Machinery Centre (AMC).  Very good news.  (now if we could only go there and work) Oh, that is my inner voice, sorry.

In a nutshell, they (the Municipality)

  • would love to have some of our Antiques both inside and outside the HUB.
  •  have given us a little more land.
  • helping us clean up the junk on this new land.
  • are working with the Provincial Ministries to move fences on parts of the quarry so we could use it. (May take 4 years to do this, so do not hold your breath on this one.
  • we get help from the Town’s media department to promote our events.

I think this is a great start on getting more help, land and buildings for the club. We need to recognize Councilor Vicki Mink, and John Bickle, for the work and support to make this all happen.  If this article is not heavy enough reading for you, I have attached the bi-law that did some of this.

Here is one piece that we have finished for near the door of the HUB.

Ok , sorry I am long winded today. I just do not want you all to forget about the Club while we are not visible. We are still here and care about our agricultural history.

Happy regards from your HAHCLUB team.

The Bare