Great news for the Antique Machinery Show

Hi everybody. It show time this weekend and we have received some special news.

The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Elizabeth Dowdeswell, is going to visit the show this Saturday about 2:00 pm. Port Hope Mayor Bob Sanderson will be bringing her. So, we will have to have all the Tractors and Machinery shined up.  We hope to have the Thrashing Machine running and maybe the shingle mill.  Also, we have been given word, that we have over 100 antique sleds coming. Many of these folks are coming for the weekend and are going to camp. So, we will have lots of folks to talk to and share stories with.

If you are interested in, (weather co-operating) the club will be using the binder to get sheathes ready for the wagon, so we have grain ready to use at the show. We can not do this at the show because the binder man is out of town during the show. The wheat is at the Dale Road show site. Come and watch or lend a hand.

Last night we had a great speaker. Jonathan Taylor, Farrier. He made on the spot a very large horseshoe, (working horse size). This will be anew item on the wall of the Antique Machinery Centre. About 30 gathered to watch him work and boy did he work hard. Thanks Jonathan.

Are you coming to the show and bringing lots of antique machinery? Great. We want all your treasures to show the world our heritage and your skill in preserving them. Attached is a form to get you thinking about labeling them. We need this information on each piece. So, print it off an fill it out at home (no pressure). Bring it along with you. If you do not have a printer, keep it in your head and we will fill it out for you at the show.  The story part is good for Earl to read at the parade. Everyone likes to know the history of the item.

Ok, enough of this computer time, I must go and pack a trailer to go to the show.

See you there.


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