Author: Barry Adamson
September 2023 Reminder

Hey LOOK who is Back. Yes The Bare has been away on holidays, wedding camping and not on the HAHClub jobs, Sorry, sometimes life just gets in the way of doing what you need to do. So here is what I need to do. REMINDER that this weekend we have our last of the year […]

Happy Summer Days

Happy Summer Days to All. First: I’d like to share some good news. One of our members Walter Stapleton took the draw tractor to his campground on the weekend. He sold five books of our Tractor Draw tickets. Way to go Walter. Walter has always been our salesman for our 50/50 tickets at our shows […]

2023 Tractor Drive

The 3rd Annual Hope Agricultural Heritage Tractor Cruise Took place on Saturday July 8.  We were blessed with a beautiful summer day without the extreme heat and humidity of just a few days earlier.  There was a total of 13 participants.  While many were seasoned cruisers, we were happy to have several first timers eager […]

Gordon Wilson Tractor Story

Subject: Gordon Wilson tractor Well, I have been posting this story as it unfolded, so I will put some of the photo together here and finish with our President Message.   Gordon Wilson donated an International model B tractor to the Hope Agricultural Heritage Club in Canton and with a generous donation from the Bewdley […]

HAHCLUB going to JuLy 1 Parade

Hi All. I have lot to share with you, but I do not have time to put my thoughts together yet, but I want to get this information to you now because, July is coming. See this photo. Yes, that is us, the Hope Agricultural Heritage Club members in the parade.  We add a lot […]

Well Hello Spring

Well Hello Spring, and HAHClub Patrons. Yes I am back after a few months off for organizing Port Hope’s Float Your Fanny Down The Ganny event. It swallows me and HAHClub takes a back seat. Yes I do get the “Heck” from Captain Earl about the club’s needs, so here I am. First, the club’s […]

2023 Hello

Hello 2023, Friends and Members. I thought I would like to start the year off sending you some good news. The Hope Agricultural Heritage Club received a very generous donation of $1000, from the Bewdley Lions Club. The attached note said that we may need the money to work on a tractor that Gord Wilson […]

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