2023 Lawn Mower Pulls Registration

 HAH Club Antique Machinery Show  

Lawn Mower Pulls Registration and Waiver
  Individual Release and Waiver
All participants must read this before registering prior to taking part in the event.

1. Danger! I understand that by taking part in this event there is a danger of serious injury.  

2. Release: I hereby remiss, release and forever discharge the organizers and sponsors of the “HAH Club Antique Machinery Show Lawn Mower Pulls” , including but not limited to the directors and officers of the event committee and all the entrants and participants from any and all manner of action, causes of action, suits, claims, liabilities and demands whatsoever including but not limited to liability for negligence with respect to the “HAH Club Antique Machinery Show Lawn Mower Pulls” .

3. Photography and Filming: I hereby give permission for the organizers, or assigned official photographers permission to use any photographs, video or digital recordings of me taking part in the event, for promotional, digital or printed media.   By signing this release form I have read, understand, and accept the above release conditions and have entered the event freely and voluntarily assuming any and all risk.    

Full Name (Print)  _________________________________________________________    

Signature ______________________________________________________________    

Date    _________________________    

If under 18, Parent or Guardian signature required.
Signature _____________________________________________  



UNDER 700 LB701 TO 900 LB901 TO 1100 LB

Please Print Clearly

Mailing Address      TownPostal Code
Name of Club/ Organization you are associated with.      HAHCLUB,  Longpoint Haulers   Other ( please fill in Name)  ___________________________________________________________
Description of Lawn Mower   Lawn Mower Make_________________________________________________________   Model___________________________   Year_________________   Engine Horse Power   _______ if known (circle) Tires              Turf/AG._Other__ Mower Deck Mounted ….Yes   /   No   Transmission     Manual/Gears……Hydrostatic

Stock Garden Lawn Mowers Class Rules

Class weights

Class One     Under 700 lb

Class Two     Between 701 to 900 lb

Class Three  901 to 1100 lb      

Any machines over 1100 lb are not allowed to be used. Our sled too small for heavy machines.

  1. All general and Safety rules for lawn mowers apply.                                                      
  2. First puller is test puller – may choose to take pull or re-pull in last place. Notify flagman if you accept or reject BEFORE unhooking the chain.                                          
  3. RPM’s not to exceed 3800.                                                                                            
  4. Governor must be hooked up and operational.                                                              
  5. Hitch must be in stock location of original manufacturing
  6. Must pass safety / tech inspection.                                                                               
  7. Engine and drive train must be original as equipped from the factory with all stock shields in place.                                                                                                     
  8. No duals, lug and/or chains on tires.                                                                               
  9. Each person may only be entered once in each class, with the winner of each class having the option to pull again in the next higher class for an additional entry fee up to a maximum 2 classes per person.                                                                                    
  10. No cut tires.
  11. All lawn mowers must have operating brakes.         
  12. Any lawn mowers with a fuel leak will not pass inspection.

Last but not least this is intended to be a fun and enjoyable event and no poor sportsmanship will be tolerated.

  The club just want to let people have fun in a safe environment.